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Dandrene is a medicated shampoo that starts to work on contact, so it controls itchy and flaky scalp conditions from the first use thanks to Extra Strength Zinc Pyritione 2%. Dandrene Shampoo continues to work for hours even after it's rinsed off.


Products Used

Below you will find the products that our client used to achive the results above. We welcome you to explore them and if you have any questions or would like some guidance please feel free to reach out to our our product advisor - we would love to help!

Wendy C.

Worked well and reduced flaking and itching.

Roberto R.

Excellent product, after using it, my scalp is clean of all impurities and my hair is silky.

Christian R.

Finally. A shampoo that actually works so darn well. Not exaggerating. I've tried so many ways to get rid of dry/itchy/flakey/oily/irritated scalp. (I mean i tried everything) This has worked so well, follow as directed and you'll see results. 

Case Study


Dandrene Shampoo

Female, 29 Years Old

Products purchased:

Dandrene shampoo
Reason for purchase:

recently had symptoms of sebhorreic dermatitis come into full effect in my hairline and other locations on my scalp. I was looking for something effective and stronger than the shampoos I was using previously.
Can you share a bit about the issue that you were experiencing and how it came about?

I began having more than normal dry scalp in my hairline, almost to the point where it looked like scales, or similar to how a peeling scalp looked after getting sunburned. J was experiencing the return of these flakes every three days after washing my hair or the shampoos I was using previously weren’t getting rid of the dry flake at all. 
What was the severity of your issue?

It started out as some light dry scalp, and within 6 months it developed to be pretty significant and frequent. 
How much time from the start of use did you start seeing results?

I noticed my scalp looked totally normal after the first use! And with regular use since it has kept my flaking and scaling under more control!
What did you like most about the product?

I like that it’s effective because I have struggled to find any product that has made a difference until now!
Anything you did not like?

I wish the scent was different, maybe more of a clean/fresh smell. The current scent reminds me of old men cologne. 
Would you recommend these products?

Yes absolutely! I have already recommended it to a handful of friends and clients!
Anything you would recommend to customers in the market looking for a product to help with dandruff?

Do you research, understand the ingredients that work and don’t, and make sure you’re using the product as is recommended!
Final Thoughts:
 So glad I found this product to help me get my scalp issues under control!

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