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Client Progress

Products purchased:

High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner 
Reason for purchase:

Hair thinning 
Can you share a bit about the issue that was causing hair loss?

Were you experiencing early, moderate, or severe hair loss?

How much time from the start of use did you start seeing results?

One month and there was already a noticeable difference 
What did you like most about the product?

It isn't a thickening shampoo, it is a densifying shampoo, you need very little product, and it is very effective! 
Anything you did not like?

It is a bit costly however, you cannot put a price on hair growth. It is worth every penny!
Would you recommend these products?

Anything you would recommend to customers in the market looking for a product to help with hair loss and/or thinning hair?

I would highly recommend the High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner 
Final Thoughts:

I noticed my husband's hair was starting to thin. He talked to his hair dresser about it and she said it was fine and he didn't have anything to worry about. I kept an eye on it and it was becoming more and more noticeable quite quickly. I took a picture of the top of his head and compared it with one taken a few months earlier. He started to research shampoos for thinning hair, almost everything he came across was to thicken the existing hair, not to grow new hair. Luckily he found DS Laboratories. You have made such a difference in a short amount of time. Amazing.


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Revita® hair-stimulating shampoo delivers superior results for men and women concerned about hair loss, thinning hair, and androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness). Revita shampoo is formulated to maintain scalp vitality and act against follicular dysfunction, achieving the best results in a short period of time.  



Revita® Conditioner delivers state-of-the-art hair growth technology that builds on the legendary success of Revita Shampoo. This conditioner establishes a new benchmark for the comprehensive synthesis of hair stimulating compounds. Unlike conventional conditioners, Revita Conditioner contains powerful ingredients known to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. This conditioner was formulated to work synergically with Revita Shampoo.  


Products Used

Below you will find the products that our client used to achive the results above. We welcome you to explore them and if you have any questions or would like some guidance please feel free to reach out to our our product advisor - we would love to help!

This is the best shampoo to prevent and treat hair loss. It delivers caffeine that stimulates hair growth and also counteracts the negative effects of testosterone in hair follicles. If you lose more hair than normal or feel your hair is getting thinner, Revita is the right shampoo for you.

Dr. Antonella Tosti

Fredric Brandt Endowed Professor of Dermatology

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DS Laboratories has been included in our trichology manual as one of the effective therapeutic alternatives for androgenic alopecia.

Dr. Sergio Vano Jaen


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Revita Shampoo an integral part of my treatment protocol for all of my patients suffering from hair loss and thinning.

Dr. Yanna Barros


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Revita shampoo prepares the scalp for hair loss and hair thinning treatments. It’s active ingredients diminish inflammation and block the androgenetic effects on the hair follicle, and the antioxidants promote thickness and prevent aging of the hair unit.

Dr. Daniela Gutierrez


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Case Study

Hair Loss & Thinning


Male, 37 Years Old
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