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Spectral.Lash is topical care designed to treat deficiencies in length, quality, and density of eyelashes. A clinically-tested dermatological treatment that utilizes the most innovative advances in biotechnology for eyelash growth; this is a revolutionary formula that delivers thick, beautiful lashes.


Products Used

Below you will find the products that our client used to achive the results above. We welcome you to explore them and if you have any questions or would like some guidance please feel free to reach out to our our product advisor - we would love to help!

Denise G.

This product gave me the best results of any other product I've tried! I noticed my lashes growing longer & thicker within days.

Fernando T.

Love this product! It really works if you’re consistent with the application. In the beginning I had little bit of tingly feeling, but it went away after about one week of use. People always ask me what I use for my eyelashes, so I recommend this product to everyone, and it has been working great for all my family and friends.

Rawan D.

I’ve been using it for almost 4 months and my lashes have never looked better
I get compliments on them all the time

Case Study

Sparse Lashes


Female, 52 Years Old

Products purchased:

Spectra lash


Reason for purchase:

My husband was having good success with other DS products so I decided to try Spectra lash for myself.


Can you share a bit about the issue that was causing unsatisfactory lashes?

I had very sparse short lashes that started falling out several years ago.


Were you experiencing early, moderate, or severe hair loss?

Only loss of lashes.


How much time from the start of use did you start seeing results?

I started noticing regrowth of my lashes within 4weeks.


What did you like most about the product?

Amazing results, I first began to notice regrowth of my lashes. Gradually, my lashes began to fill in, become thicker and longer. I also like the applicator, easy use, nice comfort tip. I do recommend storing it upright so the product doesn't leak down to the tip. I then usually push the application button then hold it upside down a few minutes before applying.


Anything you did not like?



Would you recommend these products?

Absolutely, I'm still amazed at the lashes I have.


Anything you would recommend to customers in the market looking for a product to help with growing their lashes? Science and results with DS products.


Final Thoughts:

Thank you DS!

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